Practice Tips & Practice Log

  • Guided Practice: Practice Personas and Practice Log

    Since you began playing your instrument, you have been told to practice, practice, practice. 

    But do you know HOW to practice?

    Simply playing through your music start to finish is not good practice.  Practice requires concentration, setting goals, and repetition.  When you were a baby you didn't decide one day to get up and run across the room.  You had to learn how to stand, develop your leg muscles, and use any object to help stabilize you.  All that hard work and practice finally paid off because now you can walk, run, hop, skip, jump, walk backward, and so on. 

    You must be patient with yourself while learning how to play an instrument.  If you practice consistently and correctly, you will get better at your instrument.  If you invest the time and practice with good techniques, you will improve.

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    Practice does not make perfect.

    Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!