Hints for a Better Practice Session

  • Hints for a Better Practice Session


    •Schedule a time to practice into your day

                    If practicing is part of your daily schedule, you’re more likely to do it.


    •Choose a place to practice where you will not be distracted or interrupted

    This is your time to practice.  Interruptions in your practice session results in less time to focus on what you’re doing.


    •Go to the bathroom and get a glass a glass of water before you start practicing

    You want to make sure you have everything you need before you begin.  You don’t want to break up your practice session and leave the room for something.  It will take you a while to focus again when you return to playing.


    •Follow a practice routine: 

    -Warm-up with scales

    - Review old lesson material such as pieces you’ve already played, etudes, and exercises

    -Work on the new assignment

    -Practice orchestra music

    -Finish with playing through a piece of your choice at the end OR maybe create your own piece!


    •Practice in chunks 

    -Don’t simply run through a piece start to finish.  You are likely to make mistakes in between. 

    -Practice the most challenging sections first.  Don’t spend your time practicing material that is easy and you already know.

    -Pick a section to work on, then another section, and then see if you can play them together.

    -How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!