• Looking for math support?

    Concepts in algebra can be challenging because so much of our understanding in mathematics is built upon what we learned before.  If you find that you're not remembering what you've learned before or realize you haven't mastered a concept completely, there are many avenues you can take to find more success.

    First, I MUST assume that you are taking notes in class AND trying to complete your homework!  If not, come see me to discuss strategies for tackling those skills.

    Here are some questions to ask yourself...

    • Am I looking at my notes from class so that I can see examples that the teacher did with us?

    • Is there a short video lesson on the Internet that could help me?
      There are SO many resources available.  Look for a youtube video or website you can use that will review the information.  Khan Academy is GREAT!  (See the link below)
      Be sure to search for 8th grade algebra or pre-algebra sites by typing specific details about the unit you're studying "systems of equations, 8th grade common core" and be sure you mention 8th grade!!)
    • Do I have time during my lunch, a study hall, or in Enrichment when I can ask a teacher for help?
    • Have I made arrangements to stay after school with any of the teachers who could help me understand the information better?  Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Sabbour, Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Rosenbaum, Ms. Pazo, Mrs. Kogut, Mrs. Warner...
    • I'm uncomfortable asking for help in front of everyone. Have I tried emailing one of my teachers to ask when might be a good time to come in for extra help?  (PS: If you get distracted easily and need a quiet place to work with them, make sure to speak up because lunch time might not be a great option if there's too many people in there!)
    • Have I tried the Homework Center yet?  There are tutors in there almost every day after school who can offer me some help.  It's in Mr. Cutaia's room and Mrs. Bader is in there...a familiar face from last year!

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