• Studying Vocabulary

    Often in school you are asked to master a set of terms that are important to define in order that you may better understand content.  Throughout the year, try as many of these techniques as you can and find which work best for you. 

    1) Flash Cards: Term on one side, definition on the other.

    2) Memory Game Cards: Same as flash cards but make duplicates.  By yourself or with a small group of peers, turn them over and remember the pairs that match.

    3) Frayer Cards: Divide up a 3x5 index card into quadrants and give a synonym, antonym, personal experience, and picture, all on one side.

    4) Artist Cards: Are you a visual learner?  Draw your definition on one side with the term on the other.

    5) Cozy Fit: Using a pencil or by folding, divide a piece of paper or cardstock into a grid pattern.  You should have 2 squares for each vocabulary word.  write terms on one side of the scored boundary and definitions across from the terms.  Cut the paper along the boundaries and you have puzzle pieces to mix up and put back together by matching terms with their definitions.

    6) Windows: On a presentation board, construct flaps that will reveal correct predictions underneath. 

    7) Create Your Own Test: If you had to construct a vocabulary test for the class, how would you do it?  By making a test, you are also practicing the words.

    8) Remember Forever Card: Fit every single important or difficult word and definition onto one side of a 3x5 card.  Put it into your pocket for repeated easy access, memorize it, and then toss it for the test.

    9) Cornell Notes: A quick fix for testing yourself.  Write out the vocabulary on the left third of paper only, with the remaining two-thirds revealing the hidden definitions under the folded portion.

    10) Ball: Using a water-soluble marker, write vocabulary words on the panels of a beach ball.  Play a review game of toss with classmates, who have to supply a definition for the word under their thumb.  (The words can be erased after the game using a damp paper towel.)