Lesson and assessment grading

  • Grading

    There are 8 categories on each student's practice record with 5 points counted for each category.  Total points for each lesson and most assessments are 40 points.

    Here is the breakdown:


    4.5=Great Work (exceeds expectations)

    4=Right On

    3.5=Almost there

    3=Making Progress


    2=Many problems

    1.5=Needs Work

    1=Needs More Practice


    I hope this helps answer any questions you have about the grading.  Students may retake the assessment as many times as they wish during a 2 week period after their initial assessment until they receive their desired grade.  This puts the control in their hands.

    If a student receives a 3, I recommend he/she retake the assessment so the concept is understood before we move on.

    If a student receives below a 3, he/she is required to retake the assessment until receiving a 3 or better.