Percussion Ensemble

  • Rehearsals for the week of 3/9 -3/13

    Tuesday, 3/17- after school- Calkins Road- Scare-a-Diddle, Drums. Louder. Gooder. (all mallet parts must be learned.)

    Thursday, 3/19- 6:50- Barker Road- Shongaloo Ramble


    For next week's rehearsal, please practice:

    Scare-a-Diddle- all

    Drums. Louder. Gooder.- all

    Shongaloo Ramble- mallets especially- all

    Cucina Bella- all

    Sofapilla- up to H


    Upcoming Thursday morning rehearsals

    Thursday, March 26- state testing- no rehearsal

    Thursday, April 2- Sofapilla


    Concert dates

    Monday, June 1– Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble – 7:00pm @ CRMS 

Click on the link, and press the play button to listen to the recording.