WEB 'Where Everyone Belongs'


    WEB Leaders at the 6th grade movie night

    WEB, “Where Everybody Belongs”, is an orientation and transition program that welcomes 6th graders to Barker Road Middle School (BRMS) in a way that makes them feel comfortable and appreciated throughout their critical first year of middle school. 

    WEB is built on the belief that students can help each other succeed and utilizes 8th grade WEB leaders to serve as mentors to the incoming 6th graders. 

     WEB leaders understand the challenges that middle school can pose and help guide the 6th graders with identifying strategies of a successful BRMS student.

     WEB leaders assist 6th graders throughout the school year through activities such as sixth grade orientation, 6th grade movie night, open house, Mix It Up day, fifth grade fun night and core values classroom lessons.

     As WEB leaders, eighth grade students learn valuable leadership skills while helping to make the BRMS school experience enjoyable and successful for all.