• The goal of the department is to provide Pittsford students and staff with access to current, reliable computer technology that facilitates learning and professional endeavors as well as data analytics to inform and improve teaching and assist with learning.

    The Department is guided by the District's technology plan, entitled Tech Quest 8. The Tech Quest plan is monitored and adjusted on a yearly basis by the Technology Management Committee, which is comprised of representatives from each of the schools, as well as representatives of support staff, administrators, students and parents.

    The Technology Department at Pittsford Central School District is responsible for the installation and maintenance of approximately 4,500 computers for student and staff use. The Coordinator of Technology oversees Network Technicians, Instructional Technology Support Specialists and an Instructional Technology Teacher. If you need technical help or instructional support, please use the Help Desk link or one of the key contacts listed below.

    The Chief Information Officer manages the Data Analytics Team and the Coordinator of Technology. If you need assistance or have questions related to data, please click the link that best aligns with your role:

    Parent, Alumni, or Student

    Administrator or Support Staff Member


Dr. Jeff Cimmerer, CIO


Matt Kwiatkowski, Coordinator of Technology

Matt Kwiatkowski

Key Contacts in Technology

Name/Title Phone Email Location
Jeff Cimmerer, Chief Information Officer 585.267.1084 Barker Road East Offices, Room 405
Matthew Kwiatkowski, Coordinator of Technology 585.267.1080 Barker Road East Offices, Room 324
Rebecca Hyatt, Assistant to the CIO 585.267.1087 Barker Road East Offices, Room 405
Madhu Rekhi, Assistant to Coordinator of Technology 585.267.1082 Barker Road East Offices, Room 322
Helpdesk 585.267.1082 Barker Road East Offices 322

The Technology Web Helpdesk Link below will take you to where you can enter a ticket.