Data Team

  • The Data Team is responsible for monitoring, reporting and analyzing data within student, staff and New York State database systems. The Team researches and analyzes data with the goal of simplifying complex information to support meaningful decisions. Examples of this can be found at the bottom of this page.

    Data Team Members Directory:

    Dr. Jeff Cimmerer, Chief Information Officer

    Rebecca Hyatt, Assistant to the CIO

    Cathy Kauffman, Computer Application Specialist
    585-267-3125 •

    Jami Kogler, Computer Application Specialist

    Donna Larson, Computer Application Specialist

    Assessment Clerk, Assessment Clerk

    Data Team Belief Statements:

    • We turn data into knowledge.

    • We are creative, problem solving experts who can inform, inspire, and impact teaching and learning.
    • Our research and data analysis simplifies complex information to support meaningful decision making. 

    • Our work leads to innovation and drives future success. 

    • We use a collaborative process to integrate information systems and processes that promote synergy.

    • Our work provides opportunities for students, staff, and the organization to determine potential areas of growth.

    • Our efforts generate increased efficiencies.

    • A caring environment will foster teamwork that makes a significant difference in our school district.  

    Common Goals:

    • To develop a set of shared beliefs for the data team that includes group norms and clear communication methods. 

    • To establish a system of data visualization for students, parents, faculty, staff, and external stakeholders.

    • To identify the essential data elements for use at the individual, classroom, building, and district levels of engagement.

    • To implement an effective department structure that includes: Planned cross training, backup systems, improved efficiencies, unneeded duplication of effort, and documented work processes. 

    • To compile, evaluate, standardize, illustrate, and disseminate data encompassing four central information domains: demographic, achievement, school processes, and perceptual. 

    Student Data Systems: 

    Infinite Campus Student Management System
    Canvas Learning Management System
    AIMSWeb Curriculum Based Progress Monitoring System
    Fountas and Pinnell Reporting
    STAC (System to Track and Account for Children)
    ID Credentials Student ID Badge System
    IEP Direct (Frontline)
    Destiny (Follett Library System)
    SNAP School Nurse’s software
    Teleform OCR Scoring for state assessments
    Performance Series
    Tableau Data Visualization Software
    ELL NYSITELL Screening Tools
    VR Reports PD reporting system for Special Ed
    ELL Student Reporting Title I / Part 154

    Financial/Human Resource/Payroll/Benefits 

    OnGuard Staff ID System

    New York State Data Warehouse 

    NewYork State Assessment and Enrollment
    New York State Reporting Systems: WNYRIC Level 1, L2RPT, NYS Business Portal
    Forecast5 Analytics

    Data Collection 

    Survey Monkey
    ASAP Regents Scores 

    Data Management 

    Microsoft Office Applications 

Data Analysis Examples