Clubs, Activities and Teams

  • Academic Challenge - TBD

    Academic Challenge Bowl is a fast-paced, question-and-answer competition against other area middle schools.  Working in teams, students respond to a broad range of questions covering art, biology, chemistry, geography, history, literature, music, political science, pop culture, religion, and sports.  ACB is a great club for students who know a little about many topics or who know a lot about one topic.

    Adventure Club - TBD
    Adventure Club- A unique and interesting club which offers a variety of off-site excursions full of adventure.  Past trips have included bowling, laser tag, go-karts, mini-golf, scuba and more!  Join the club and pick and choose which after school field trip(s) appeal to you. Sign-up with friends or go to make new ones! Open enrollment until the end of October, wait list after.

    Art Club

    Mrs. Warchol

    Art Club is open to all students in grades 6-8, regardless of if they are enrolled in an art class. Art Club meets 1-2 times a month, throughout the school year. Project ideas come directly from the members and tend to cover a variety of subject matter and media.

    Best Buddies Club
    Ms. Pettee & Mrs. Hopkins

    Do you believe in the importance of inclusion? Do you know how to advocate for causes important to you? Do you believe in Leadership Skills? Do you believe in the power of one to one friendships?  Come join us and be a part of Best Buddies! This club was new to CRMS last year and is part of a non-profit organization attempting to establish a global movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Best Buddies meets once a month, and there are a lot of opportunities available for you here at CRMS as well as in the greater Rochester community. Last year, Best Buddies participated in the Unified Basketball Game, Friendship Walk, and introduced the Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign to CRMS. Best Buddies is run by the students, and provides many ways, large and small, to make a difference in the lives of others. We would love to have you become a Best Buddy!

    MidKnight Express Bookstore

    Mrs. Patrawala

    MidKnight Express Bookstore is an in school activity, open during lunch periods for students and staff. School supplies such as flair pens, mechanical pencils, sharpeners, jumbo clips, duct tape, and more are sold at reasonable prices!  Students gain insight into managing inventory, sales and show responsibility while earning community service hours.

    Citibank Junior Achievement – 7 & 8 Grades
    Mrs. Sanyal

    CRMS Junior Achievement provides students with basic skills of running a small business through experiential and hands-on programs.  They learn how to start and run a business while making profits.

    Drama Club – 6 Grade

    Mrs. Beel

    Drama Club – 7 & 8 Grades

    Mrs. Beel

    Dungeons & Dragons Club

    Mrs. Anderson

    Festival Orchestra

    Mrs. Beel - 6, 7 & 8 Grades

    Festival Orchestra is for any sixth, seventh or eighth grader (from Barker only seventh and eighth graders) that enjoys playing their instrument and making music with your friends. We will be performing music that is more challenging than our school day ensembles.  Rehearsals will be on Thursdays after school at Calkins Road from 2:30-3:20 pm.

    French Club

    Mme. Marafioti

    Games Group

    Ms. Pettee

    Games Group meets once monthly, starting in October, and is open to all grade levels. It is a low key, no pressure opportunity for kids to socialize after school and play board games with friends. 


    Ms. Wojcik & Mrs. O'Connor

    The Gay Straight Alliance is a welcoming safe space for LGBTQ students and their allies to learn, share and advocate through discussions, games and activities.

    Jazz Band – 6th grade
    Mrs. Bowers
    Starts in November, Wednesdays 2:30 - 3:25pm Auditorium

    Jazz Band rehearses Wednesdays after school and is for saxophones, trombones, trumpets, piano players, drum set players, bass players and electric guitar players wanting to play and learn more about jazz. Students must be in the music program to participate in the jazz band. Exceptions are made for bass, guitar and piano. Auditions are held the end of September and it is open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

    Jazz Ensemble – 7 & 8 Grades

    Mrs. Bowers

    Mondays 2:30-3:25 pm & occasional Wednesdays 7:00-7:30 am

    Jazz Ensemble is the upper level jazz group and rehearses Wednesdays after school and is for saxophones, trombones, trumpets, piano players, drum set players, bass players and electric guitar players who want to play and learn more about jazz. Students must be in the music program to participate in the jazz band. Exceptions are made for bass, guitar and piano. Auditions are held the end of September and it is open to 7th and 8th graders.

    Home & Career Skills Club

    Mrs. Evans

    Home and Careers Club is a fun, hands-on, creative crafts club that is open to all grade levels, girls and boys.  It is after school every other Friday.  Listen for club dates on morning announcements.  There is a $2 fee .... please feel free to come anytime and see if you enjoy it !!


    Latin Club - TBD

    The Latin Club gives students the opportunity to extend their learning by experiencing the world of Ancient Rome in new and fun ways.  We venture beyond the walls of the classroom to connect with other Latin students and immerse ourselves in the rich culture of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

    The Alicorn (Literary Magazine)

    Ms. Wojcik & Mrs. Silco

    The Alicorn is a creative writing magazine published twice a year. Students attending the meetings will have the opportunity to write a variety of genres, draw, edit, revise, format and publish the magazine.

    Lorax Club

    Mr. Dougherty-Herman

    Math Counts Club

    Mrs. Leahy

    Wednesdays, 2:30 - 3:20 pm

    Math counts Club meets once a week starting in September. We focus problem solving skills and methods not usually covered in other classes. There are 3 open competitions within Monroe County and 2 invitational competitions each year. All students are welcome.

    Morning Show

    Mrs. Northrup


    This student-led production team creates the daily video for the morning announcements, which are aired live each morning at 7:35am. All students are welcome to read the announcements or work behind the scenes learning how to operate the camera, sound board and newscast program.

    Newbery Club

    Mrs. Baller, Librarian

    Every October we begin to read 8-10 books that are contenders for the Newbery Medal. YOU get to decide which book you think is worthy of the medal with students from other middle schools in Monroe County at our final celebration in January. We meet 5 or 6 times during that time period on various days of the week so students in other clubs are able to participate.

    Odyssey of the Mind

    Shelly Carmel

    Odyssey of the Mind is a district sponsored after school activity, often meeting at a participant home.  Creative problem solving and team collaboration is used to present a skit to an audience and judges!  Problems such as building a structure, classical skits, making a man powered vehicle and spontaneous responses are just an example of how students can exhibit their talents.

    Science Olympiad Team

    Mrs. Jennette

    See advisor, rotating days

    In this very popular club, students work closely with mentors throughout the year in order to prepare for the regional Science Olympiad competition that takes place in March. The team members use problem solving, inquiry and cooperative learning in order to be successful. This focused, authentic experience gives students a meaningful exposure to the world of science and makes them more confident to pursue science in the future.

    Ski Club  Gr. 6

    Mrs. Maddaleno

    6th grade ski club - Sixth graders are invited to participate in 4 trips to Bristol Mountain for skiing or snowboarding with their friends.  This student-funded club is a great way to learn to ski or snowboard as well as meet new friends or have fun with old ones!  


    Ski Club – Gr. 7 & 8

    Mr. Estrich Gr. 7

    Mr. Dermody Gr. 8

    Spanish Club

    Mrs. Ferguson

    Spanish club is open to student of any language.  We meet 2-4 times a semester to complete a craft or art project and learn about the significance of this craft/art to a Spanish speaking group.

    Student Council

    Mrs. Wojcik & Mrs. McPherson

    Web Leaders

    Mrs. Augustine & Mrs. Maddaleno 

    This is a mentor based program to help support our incoming 6th graders.  A group of selected 8th graders serve as student leaders throughout the year to help our 6th graders transition to Calkins Road Middle School.

    Wind Ensemble

    Mr. Parker

    Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:35 – 3:20 pm

    The Wind Ensemble is a 7th and 8th grade extracurricular band for both CR and BR students wanting more advanced and enriching concert band music to play and perform. Students sign up for a time slot to play a seating audition in mid-September. Wind Ensemble then starts the first week of October and runs through the school year on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, before sports begin. We have two evening concerts and a performance trip in the spring.

    Yearbook Club

    Mrs. Morchower-Palumbos & Ms. Inzana

    Yearbook club seeks students in grades 6-8, from every team, with a variety of strengths: tech savvy, photography, artistic and good ol’ elbow grease. Students in this club should plan on committing to approximately 2-3 meetings each month.  Students choose which aspects of the club they would like to participate in.  From advertising for yearbook sales, to taking photos in school and at school events, to taking an active role in creating the layout of the school yearbook, its theme and the cover as well.