Social Studies

    • Ancient Rome - Berens Websites to be used for the Your Roman project.
    • Ancient China
    • Ancient Greece and Rome - Several quality sites for 6th grade social studies
    • Egyptian Links  Several quality sites for 6th grade social studies.
    • Mesopotamia 
    • Maps a selection of outline maps for use in the classroom or at home.
    • National Geographic - Not a great site for maps, but good quick facts about countries, interesting geography lesson plans for teachers, interesting information on collecting National Geographic magazines and interesting photography section.
    • Early America - Biographies of early Americans, documents and journal articles from the "Early American Review",
    • Letters from an Iowa Soldier - Fantastic site of letters about life as a soldier during the Civil War.
    • In Search of the Oregon Trail - Lots of good background information on the Oregon Trail.
    • The Donner Party - A web based lesson about the ill fated Donner party who set out in 1846 to cross the Sierra Nevada. The party became stranded and many died over the winter of 1847.
    • The Revolutionary War
    • GPIERS Note Pages - This page contains note taking pages for each of the GPIERS categories.