Egyptian Links

  • Ancient Art
    The Detroit Institute of Arts has created this wonderful site with each pictures and descriptions of Egyptian art and what they represented in Ancient Egyptian culture.

    Ancient Egyptian Sport
    This site is sponsored by the Egypt State Information Service.

    Ancient History: Egyptians
    This site is sponsored by the BBC. There are great pictures and links to many articles about Ancient Egypt.

    This site is sponsored by the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Information included is about Egyptian civilization, Hatshepsut, King Tut and more.

    Cleopatra VII
    This site offers a complete biography of Cleopatra.

    The Great Sphinx

    Information from the Tour Egypt site dealing specifically with the Great Sphinx.

    King Tut One
    This site has information about King Tut, Great Pyramids, Mummies, Queens of Egypt, and Pharaohs.

    Life in Ancient Egypt
    Information sponsored by the British Museum Trustees on a variety of topics ranging from daily life, Temples, Pyramids, Pharaohs and Mummification.

    Mummies of Ancient Egypt
    Information on mummies: who and what mummies are; how they are made; and the afterlife. 

    CHICO is a community outreach program sponsored by the University of Michigan School of Information.

    National Geographic Online
    National Geographic Society.

    NOVA Online: Mysteries of the Nile- The Great Sphinx of Giza

    NOVA Online: Pyramids the Inside Story

    Take a virtual tour of the pyramids- deep inside.

    NOVA Online: Treasures of the Sunken City- The Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria

    Odyssey: Egypt
    Objects in museum collections help to tell the story of ancient Egyptian people, life, mythology, death & burial, writing and archaeology.
    Sponsored by the Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University, Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, and Dallas Museum of Art.

    The Sacred Scarab
    Information on the most important amulet in ancient Egypt.

    Tour Egypt
    Planning a vacation? Here is the site for you. Sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt. Links to many other quality information sites regarding Ancient Egypt.