Website Evaluation

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    You will be learning about the different criteria one needs to consider when deciding if a website is an acceptable one to use for your information needs.

Website Evaluation Videos

Day 1

  • Credibility - worthy of trust or belief

    Currency - up-to-date


    Read the scenarios and then evaluate the corresponding websites for their credibility and currency. Would you use these websites if you were looking for health information?


    Scenario A:

    You are concerned about a friend who has mentioned thoughts of suicide. You want a better understanding of what that means and what you should do. You heard that this website is a good one to look at….


    Scenario B:

    A relative has been diagnosed with cancer and you want to learn more about new treatments. This is what you found when you did a Google search.

Day 2

  • Today you will be evaluating the websites based on their objectivity and privacy.


    Objectivity - to express an idea without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices or interpretations.

    Privacy - is your personal information secure?


    Scenario A:

    You have been assigned a research project on the effects of addiction. You are allowed to choose any type of addiction you want. You struggle to come up with a topic. At home that night, after getting yelled at by your father for playing video games instead of doing your homework, he sits you down in front of the computer with this website on the screen and says, "Here, son. Maybe you can learn something from this..."


    Scenario B:

    You have just been diagnosed with Asthma. You want to understand the different types of treatment available to manage your symptoms. You’ve found this website on the internet….

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