New Fiction

  • Your Own Worst Enemy

    by Gordon Jack Year Published: 2018

    Stacey Wynn has won every student body president election at Lincoln High School since she was a freshman. But Julia Romero, the beautiful French-Canadian transfer student, is giving Stacey a run for her money and flirting with Stacey's campaign manager and best friend, Brian. And the ultimate underdog, Tony Guo, who cares more about getting high than school politics, has thrown his hat into the ring hoping to save Space Cow chocolate milk from being permanently banned from the school. With three extremely different platforms, it's hard to say which candidate will get the popular vote.

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  • Words We Don't Say

    by K.J. Reilly Year Published: 2018

    High school junior Joel Higgins struggles in the aftermath of a tragic loss and tries to make sense of the problems he sees all around him. He withdraws from those around him and copes by drafting hundreds of text messages he will never actually send. However, after spending mandatory volunteer hours at the soup kitchen with a girl named Eli and new kid Benj, he begins to form bonds with people, see his place in a bigger world, and what he can do to make things right.

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  • The Unteachables

    by Gordon Korman Year Published: 2019

    Told in alternating voices, the teacher and students in room 117 find their lives changed over the course of a school year.

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  • The Three Rules of Everyday Magic

    by Amanda Rawson Hill Year Published: 2018

    In the course of just a few months, eleven-year-old Kate has lost her best friend and her father. Now her grandmother, who recently moved in with Kate and her mother, is losing her memory to dementia. Though Kate's skeptical, she's willing to try her grandmother's "everyday magic" in the hopes of bring those she loves back into her life.

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  • Three Pennies

    by Melanie Crowder Year Published: 2017

    In San Francisco, eleven-year-old Marin desperately searchesfor her birthmother knowing time is running out before she is adopted, and discovers for the first time in her life what it feels like to be truly wanted by someone

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  • Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful

    by Arwen Elys Dayton Year Published: 2018

    Features six stories that are linked to one another through the life, career, and afterlife of a reverend named Tad Tadd. Set in a near future where human modification is a way of life. Explores themes around the ethics of such scientific meddling.

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  • Speechless

    by Adam P. Schmitt Year Published: 2018

    When Jimmy's cousin, Patrick, passes away, he's told that he must give the eulogy at the funeral. Jimmy struggles to come up with something meaningful to say about his cousin who seemed to ruin everything they did together.

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  • Slayer

    by Kiersten White Year Published: 2019

    Nina's father was killed while protecting Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She and her twin sister Artemis have grown up at the Watchers Academy, a boarding school where teens to learn to protect Slayers, and where their mother is a member of the Watchers Council. Though Nina's not interested in the Watcher lifestyle, learning that she's the last Slayer, leaves her with little choice but to learn what she can to take on the evil that surrounds her.

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  • The Season of Styx Malone

    by Kekla Magoon Year Published: 2018

    Caleb Franklin and his younger brother, Bobby Gene, spend an extraordinary summer with their new, older neighbor, Styx Malone, a foster boy from the city.

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  • Rule

    by Ellen Goodlett Year Published: 2018

    When the his heir is murdered and rebellion threatens his rule, a dying king calls together three seemingly unconnected women from three parts of his kingdom to meet at his castle. The three women--Zofi of the Travelers, Akeylah from the Eastern Reach, and Ren the lady's maid from Kolonya--find out they are half-sisters, the illegitimate daughters of the king, and they must compete for the crown.

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  • Open Mic Night at the Westminster Cemetary

    by Mary Amato Year Published: 2018

    Sixteen-year-old Lacy Brink, surprised to find herself dead and buried at Baltimore's Westminster Cemetery, recruits fellow poets Sam and Edgar Allan Poe in resisting tyrannical Mrs. Steele's rules by having an open mic night.

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  • North to Benjamin

    by Alan Cumyn Year Published: 2018

    Eleven-year-old Edgar and his mother move to Dawson, a town in Yukon, Canada, for a new start, but when Edgar fears his mother's destructive behavior will force them to leave, he turns to a dog named Benjamin to help him stop the worst from happening.

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  • Monstrous Devices

    by Damien Love Year Published: 2018

    Alex, nearly thirteen, flees with his grandfather across snowy Europe to escape the human and mechanical assassins that pursue them, trying to retrieve a powerful object.

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  • Max & the Midknights

    by Lincoln Peirce Year Published: 2019

    When Uncle Budrick is kidnapped, young Max sets out to save him. Alongside his friends, the Midknights, the kids find themselves on a quest to restore the realm to its former happiness while saving Max's uncle from the cruel King Gastley.

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  • The Lying Woods

    by Ashley Elston Year Published: 2018

    Owen Foster is pulled from his elite New Orleans boarding school when his father's assets are seized and, back in his small town, begins to piece together his father's past despite mounting danger.

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  • Just Wreck It All

    by N. Griffin Year Published: 2018

    Two years ago, Bett was feisty, athletic, fearless, a girl who would bike down a mountain just for the thrill of it. One day, she dares a friend to do something, and it goes wrong, and only horror and guilt come after. Now, Bett lives her life divided into Pluses and Minuses--Pluses are things that are good, which she knows she doesn't deserve, and Minuses are punishments she deserves, usually in the form of wrecking her body through binge eating. However, punishing herself makes her happy--which in her system may be a Plus. Her system starts to break down, and revelations about the dare and prank-gone-wrong threaten to be revealed.

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  • Ignite the Stars

    by Maura Milan Year Published: 2018

    Seventeen-year-old criminal mastermind Ia Cocha has spent her life terrorizing the Olympus Commonwealth; but then she's captured and her identity is revealed. The Commonwealth decides to use Ia's talents and enroll her in the military academy where she continually plots her escape. But then she meets new acquaintances and begins to question her loyalty. Outside the academy, dark forces muster their strength that threaten not only the Commonwealth, but the entire universe.

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  • The Girl with the Dragon Heart

    by Stephanie Burgis Year Published: 2018

    Silke has an unexpected opportunity to learn what happened to her parents years before when Princess Katrin asks her to stay at the palace as a spy during a visit from the rulers of Elfenwald.

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  • Freedom Trials

    by Meredith Tate Year Published: 2018

    Evelyn Summers was imprisoned for a crime she can no longer remember--her memory was wiped when she was sent to be "reformed." Now, having been a snitch in prison, she must pass the Freedom Trials, a grueling series of seven mental, virtual, and physical challenges. If she doesn't, the other prisoners will take revenge. Then, a new prisoner arrives who says he has knowledge of the memories that Evelyn has erased, but if she uncovers the truth about the crime that sent her there, she may lose more than her freedom.

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  • Forgotten City

    by Michael Ford Year Published: 2018

    In Seattle in 2044, thirteen-year-old Kobi believes he and his father are the only human survivors of "the Waste," a deadly chemical that killed millions of people and mutated the surviving animals and wildlife into deadly new forms. When Kobi's father disappears, he goes looking for him and discovers other survivors and a conspiracy that is even more frightening than "the Waste.". 

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  • The Dragon With a Chocolate Heart

    by Stephanie Burgis Year Published: 2017

    After drinking enchanted hot chocolate, a brave young dragon is transformed into a twelve-year-old human girl with a passion for chocolate.

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  • The Disasters

    by M.K. England Year Published: 2018

    Nax and a handful of other space Academy washouts are the only surviving pilots after the school is hijacked by terrorists, but in order to spread the truth about the attack, Nax and his fellow failures must execute a dangerous heist.

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  • Blended

    by Sharon M. Draper Year Published: 2018

    Isabella is only eleven, but she is already so used to hearing about how "exotic" and unusual she is due to her black father and white mother that she is sick of her biracial identity. Now that her parents are divorced and fighting over her worse than ever, Isabella needs a way to define her identity so she can feel not like two halves, but a whole.

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  • Beneath the Citadel

    by Destiny Soria Year Published: 2018

    Sixteen-year-old Cassa is an orphan whose rebel parents left her with a legacy to fulfill. With three friends by her side, her determination to fight against the high council will either change the city of Eldra for the better or lead to deaths of the four fierce young fighters.

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  • Angel and Bavar

    by Amy Wilson Year Published: 2018

    After her parents die and she is compelled to move to a new home and start life with a new family and at a new school, Angel thinks she is too busy for new friends, also--until she meets Bavar, a mysterious boy who lives in an enchanted house. Bavar's destiny is to protect the world from a magical rift and the horrid monsters that transverse its boundary into our world. When Bavar finds out that these same monsters killed Angel's parents, the two of them determine to find a way to close the rift together.

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New Nonfiction

  • A History of Pictures for Children: From Cave Paintings to Computer Drawings

    by David Hockney and Martin Gayford Year Published: 2018

    Examines the history of pictures by exploring the evolution of art. Beginning with cave paintings and moving through modern art, the authors share the connections between art of the past and present. Includes a timeline, a glossary, and photographs.

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  • Apollo 8: The Mission that Changed Everything

    by Martin W. Sandler Year Published: 2018

    Examines the history surrounding the Apollo 8 mission as NASA worked to have the first manned spacecraft successfully orbit the moon and return to Earth safely. Highlights the race between the USA and the USSR's space programs.

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  • Oak Island and the Search for Buried Treasure

    by Joann Hamilton-Barry Year Published: 2015

    Highlights the mysterious facts surrounding Nova Scotia's infamous Oak Island, rumored to be the hiding place of a buried treasure. Includes a timeline, a glossary, resources for further information, and color photographs.

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  • The Unwanted: Stories of the Syrian Refugees

    by Don Brown Year Published: 2018

    Don Brown depicts moments of both heartbreaking horror and hope in the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.

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  • We are Here to Stay: Voices of Undocumented Young Adults

    by Susan Kuklin Year Published: 2019

    Profiles nine individuals who came to America as undocumented children and now as young adults, reflect on what being an America means, and the struggles they've endured to survive a harsh environment that is significantly better than the one they left.

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  • We Say #Never Again

    by Parkland Student Journalists Year Published: 2018

    Student reporters from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School reflect on the events of the Parkland shooting, chronicling the effects of the massacre, the villainization from right-wing extremists, and the student activism that followed. Includes profiles of heroes from that day, interviews with politicians, an insert of color photographs, and black-and-white images throughout.

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New Biography

  • Honor Girl

    by Maggie Thrash Year Published: 2015

    A graphic novel memoir depicting the author's teenage experiences at summer camp where she fell in love with an older girl.

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  • Lost Soul, Be at Peace

    by Maggie Thrash Year Published: 2018

    A graphic novel memoir depicting the author's experiences with teenage depression and how a search for her missing cat becomes a search for herself.

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  • Unpresidented

    by Martha Brockenbrough Year Published: 2018

    Looks at the life of American businessman and president, Donald Trump.

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