Math School Supplies

  • 2018-2019 School Supplies for Math Class
     Please bring the following supplies to math class each day:

    • 2 sharpened pencils (homework must be completed in pencil)

    • looseleaf paper (to be replenished throughout the year)

    • HEAVY DUTY 2.5" 3 ring binder (bring to all core classes)

    • *box of crayons (24 count) to be stored in classroom

    • *2 dry erase markers (to be stored in classroom)

    *Each student will receive his/her own Ziploc bag from me to store crayons and dry erase markers in the classroom.  Dry erase markers may need to be replenished throughout the year. 

    We suggest a 3-ring binder organizational system using dividers that will separate the orange team core subjects (math, social studies, science, English).  We will set up the binders during the first week of school.  Students are encouraged to organize materials in the best way that works for them.

    PLEASE LABEL ALL SUPPLIES with your first and last name!  


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