• Be ready to start on the first day (September 8th).  You'll want to have all of your supplies purchased at the start of the year.  We'll label and organize your binder together during the first week of school.  

    Supply list is located on the Calkins Road Website, STUDENT tab.  Click here to access the complete list. 

    REMEMBER - supplies you need for school may NOT be shared this year due to COVID-19 CDC guidelines.

    Daily supplies you MAY need in SCIENCE class:                                                            

    • BACKPACK - you will carry this all day, it will stay with you - no locker usage this year.
    • Pencils!
    • Blue/red/black pen, erasers
    • Zipper pencil case makes life easy and helps you stay organized
    • Highlighter - prefer light color
    • 1 - 3" binder for all core classes
    • Agenda - stays in the binder 
    • Colored pencils
    • Glue stick
    • scissors
    • Ear Buds
    • NOTE:   Your school binder will have many sections labeled - 2 sections labeled for Science (we will organize and title the 2 sections together in class)
    • Composition book used in class for notes, projects, experiments and reflection