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    Here's your chance to learn more about your Science teacher.   My full name is Lisa Marie Riley.  My birthday is March 15th, which is a significant date in history - you'll have to do the research and get back to me on this one.  Here's a clue, several years ago, when my family and I went to Rome, we were able to take a picture of this historic site that is linked to the date of my birthday.

    My schooling includes Central Michigan University, SUNY Geneseo, and Nazareth College...yes, I love going to school!  I have a degree in Special Education (K-12), Elementary Education (K-6) and a graduate degree in Education with a concentration in Adolescent Psychology.

    My husband Kress and I
    have 2 children named Erin and Justin. Justin graduated from SHS in 2018 and will begin his junior year at college this fall.  He attends WPI - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, outside of the Boston area, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Our daughter Erin, who also graduated from SHS several years ago, just graduated from Syracuse University - S.I. Newhouse School of Communications this May of 2020 during the shutdown of the pandemic.  She was a Public Relations major and we are excited that she was hired this summer in her field of study!  Although the company is headquartered in New Jersey, we are glad she may work remotely from our home in Victor right now.

    We are dog lovers!  Our dog is named Rossi; he is a 9 year old Australian shepherd who has two sky-blue eyes.  He is full of energy, super smart, and rarely gets tired; he loves to play fetch with a tennis ball or his Frisbee.   

    If you are into sports teams, I am a Bills fan and I think this is going to be our year!! GO BILLS!!   BUT - I'm still a "closet" Pats fan since I used to live in Boston, and Belichick is may favorite coach - sorry! I also love doing yoga and playing a lot of golf!  You can often find me walking the canal.  BTW - I love to eat desserts - Wegman's chocolate layer cake with dark chocolate frosting is my fav, but I also love a good cannoli!  York peppermint patties are yummy too! Okay - enough about football and food!

    I’m so excited to be your science teacher at CRMS - you're going to love being here!  This year will be challenging and very different from anything you and I have experienced before, but together we will work and learn in a safe and nurturing environment. You're going to be very busy in class and we will rely heavily on computer technolgy for many aspects of our science content.  Don't be afraid to ask me or any of your teachers anything! We appreciate when students ask questions and I love when students want to share information about their own experiences.  

    If you need support with anything, or are confused or frustrated, I’ll do my best to help you solve the problem.  You’re going to love being at CRMS and all the teachers are here to help you be the best you can be! 

    If you're reading this message before school starts, go ahead and send me an email message of hello and feel free to tell me something you have been doing this summer!   It will be good for you to feel comfortable emailing your teachers!

    Mrs. Riley

Mrs. Riley and her husband

Mrs. Riley and her husband

Mrs. Riley's kids

Mrs. Riley's kids
Our Dog Rossi