Class Info and Grading System

  • Music classes are centered around music literacy through hands-on activities.   Classes meet every other day for the entire year.

    Sixth Grade
    Students learn rhythm counting and note reading skills. They apply these skills to the piano and guitar.  Beginning piano students learn to play easy or moderate songs with left-hand chords.  Advanced pianists are taught how to use their knowledge of chords to create their own original left-hand accompaniment parts and begin to chord by ear.  On guitar, students start with simple melodies and then quickly move to three-string and six-string chords.   Sixth graders will also use their keyboard skills when composing with Apple’s GarageBand.

    Seventh Grade
    Seventh grade music builds upon the skills developed in 6th grade.  Students will learn to play more complex music on piano and guitar. They will play a variety of music from the 20th century and every student will perform at our in-class recital in the auditorium.  Students will also further develop composition and song-writing skills.   A main focus in seventh grade will be popular genres of the 20th century.  We will ask ourselves, “How is music affected by society and how is society influenced by music?”

    Students need the following materials every day

    • Pencil (6th Grade only)

    • Earbuds - One pair to leave in the music room.  Bring in a zipper baggie with name on the bag.

    • A Cooperative and Enthusiastic Attitude!


    ASSESMENT  - Most assignments are scored on a four point scale as describe below:





    •Unacceptable or Incomplete work

    •Needs Improvement

    •Quality Work
    •Meets Expectations

    •Outstanding Work
    •Well beyond expectations

    Links to rubrics can be found in each section for each project.  Use the links on the left for Sixth Grade General Music or Seventh Grade General Music.            

    Scores will be posted on Infinite Campus.  Please do not be alarmed if your student is scoring mostly 3s.   If you are consistently scoring 3’s you are meeting expectations.  A Score of 4 is reserved for superior work.  Do not be alarmed if your student occasionally receives a score of 2 in some criteria.   An occasional 2 is only a problem if it becomes a trend and the student is not showing improvement.

    Below is a general guideline for how your final grade for a quarter will be determined:

    Mostly 4’s                 A+
    Mix of 3’ & 4’s           A
    Mostly 3’s                 A-
    Mix of 3’s & 2’s          B

    We look forward to working with your child this year and harvesting their musical talents.
    Mr. John Beel and Ms Kelly Jordan

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