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  • The newly-adopted NYS Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards include expectations for keyboarding instruction in the Production and Range of Writing section for all grades P-12 that offers an incremental year-by-year approach to developing effective keyboarding skills, as follows:


    Grade(s) Keyboarding Instruction
    • Identify a keyboard
    • Explore keyboards
    • General familiarity with letter and number placement
    • Intro to enter key and space bar
    • Intro to backspace, delete, shift
    • Intro to Home Row
    • Intro to correct posture and hand placement
    • Direct, consistent instruction on keyboarding begins.
    • Technique (including posture and hand placement) reinforced over speed.
    • Instruction on keyboarding continues (formal and/or informal).
    • Technique (including posture and hand placement) reinforced over speed.


     NYS Department of Ed. Guidelines for Keyboarding

    Licensed District Keyboarding Programs: Typing Pal - go to each school's Websites We Use page (elementary) or Student Section of school webpage (middle schools) for building specific logins.

    Link to all district login pages for Typing Pal

    Students will receive login credentials at the start of each school year. 

    Review with students before keyboarding begins:

    Position your body in front of the G and H keys
    Keep your head up, eyes should focus on the screen not on your keyboard.
    Relax your shoulders, elbows in close to your body.
    Keep your feet on the floor squarely in front of your chair.
    Keep your wrists flat and off the keyboard or desk.
    Keep fingers curved and resting on the home row keys  asdf   jkl;
    Use your thumbs to strike the spacebar.


    District Benchmarks:

    • 2nd grade - intro to keyboard
      3rd grade -  focus on proper technique
      4th grade -  using proper technique, begin to focus on accuracy
      5th grade -  15 wpm 95% accuracy  - begin to focus on increasing speed while maintaining accuracy
      Middle School -  20 – 30 wpm 95% accuracy


    PROPER TECHNIQUE WITH FINGERS ON HOME ROW should be stressed in lower grades – speed will come with a solid familiarity of the keyboard and key locations.
    Keyboard covers can be used to encourage proper technique.
    Assign 15 – 20 minutes of practice about twice a week. 

    If you have any questions using Typing Pal please contact your building ITSS or Maureen Kempski, the district admin for Typing Pal.

    Last updated: June 2019 McK

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