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    Note to Earth Science students:

    Most of you aspire to improve your overall grade. Lab grades are a critical component of your grade. As you prepare to complete your labs please do the following:

    Ask yourself:

      1. Did I
    answer the question thoroughly?
           - address all aspects of the question?
           - where appropriate, use detail from the
                 lab to support my claim.

      2. Is my lab the best I can do, or did I do
              enough just to get by?

      3. Did I read over my lab? Answer every
             question? Follow all directions?

      4. Does my answer make sense?

      5. Did I round correctly? 
            - If the directions say to round to the
                 nearest tenth, hundredth, thousandth,
                 make sure you round correctly. 
           -  Remember if your calculator says 4, 
                 record 4.0     or   4.00     or  4.000
           -  Never use the repeating sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  You cannot measure to infinity!

      6. Check your math with a calculator

    Remember you must put forth the effort to demonstrate your thorough understanding of the Earth Science concepts. My goal is to improve your lab reports and raise your lab scores to meet my high expectations.





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