PCSD Music Standards

  • PCSD Music Standards


    To inspire students in the application of their music knowledge, all students will be provided with opportunities to create music through improvisation and composition.

    Improvise: Students will create spontaneous musical ideas within various expressive mediums.

    Compose: Students will create, synthesize, and revise their ideas into a cohesive product.



    To foster further understanding of music and its elements, all students will be provided with classroom, solo, and/or ensemble performance opportunities.

    Skill-development: Students will demonstrate their progressive musical skills using repertoire appropriate to the level of achievement.

    Self-expressive: Students will develop an individual level of skill that enables them to perform expressively.



    To develop the ability to make critical determinations about music, all students will be provided with a variety of aural and written musical examples.

    Aesthetic: Students will develop the ability to interpret and describe how music evokes emotion.

    Structural: Students will describe how the elements of music are used in the construction of music.



    To enable students to recognize the global impact of music, all students will explore the reciprocal relationship between music and culture.

    Cultural: Students will describe how music influences and reflects cultural beliefs, issues, and events.

    Fine Arts: Students will learn to identify the relationship between music and other art forms.