Hall of Fame


    1990       Charles Miller

    1991       Peter Pfitzinger

    1992       Cindy Martin, Kathy Morse

    1993       Barry Sens, Marty Byrnes, Janet Wright, Laurie Vienne

    1994       Gary Arnold, Greg Clark, Ernie Dibella, Mary Ortelee, David Zornow

    1995       Joe Wilson, David Taylor

    1996       Joe Borrosh, Brenda Gibson, Jeff Wittig

    1997       Neal McClelland, Greg Monroe

    1998       Kim Miller, Ray Davison, Joe Sternbert, Bert Jones, Paul Mueller

    1999       Sally Smith Yukas, Bob McClelland, Greg Fitch, Bill DiPaulo, John Platt

    2000       Ryan Blackwell, Tom Cole, Mary Knoll Meeks, Molly Melville, Tyler Ricks

    2001       Fred Rockow

    2002       Shannon McConville, Chris Kennel, Rhett Thompson, Roy Douglas, Bridgett Freeman, Steve Smith

    2003       Thomas Vogt, John Mott, Jeff Parrinello

    2004       Carl Hopfinger, John Butterworth, Tim Vesling

    2005       Kevin Woods, Tai McNeal, Nick Steo, Nick Nichols

    2006       Eve Walters, Jeff O'Dwyer

    2007       Scott Thyroff, Brad Thyroff, Larry Hogan

    2008       Mike Jones, Patty Mueller-Mayer, Robert Nagle, Lee Roblin

    2009       Ross Sealfon, Bill Champaigne

    2010       Marty Keating, Jeff Erne

    2011       Mike Levin, Adam Podlesh, Jazzmen Williams

    2012       Phil Hoey, Mark Morris

    2013       Andy Copelan, Andrew Meek, Regan Scanlon Beiermann, Erin Smith

    2014       CJ Lee, Chris Shalvoy

    2015       Ed Farquar, John Iaculli, Amy Shannon

    2016       Brian Amick, Peter Hill, Bill Matthews

    2017       Kristin Carroll, RJ Lamontagne

    2018       Meg Lewis Atwood, Luke Weniger
    2019       Bob Borroff, Troy Forte, Phil Valenti

    2021       Ian Pilarski, Justin Smith, Erik Miller Sundsted, Scott Wilson

    2022       Troy Bamann, Andrew Dischinger, Greg Kidd, Joanne LeRoy, Brent Parkhill





    All former students, coaches, employees and individuals who have achieved an outstanding degree of excellence through participation in the Pittsford Athletic Program. In addition to their achievements or contributions, the recipients must exemplify the characteristics of integrity and sportsmanship to the highest degree. Nominees may be recognized in the following categories.

    A. Athletic excellence achieved while attending Pittsford Schools

    B. Continued athletic excellence at the collegiate, national, amateur or professional level

    C. Contributions made in the areas of coaching or athletic leadership and in support of the Pittsford Athletic Program.


    Students must be a high school graduate of at least 10 years.

    Coaches and/or employees must have coached or been employed by the district for at least 15 years.


    All nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of:

    1. Director of Athletics

    2. President of Coaches Assoc.

    3. A District Administrator

    4. Pittsford Coach

    5. Hall of Fame member

    To be selected for induction, a nominee must receive a unanimous vote of the selection committee.

    All nominees not selected on the first ballot will automatically remain on the ballot for the next two years.

    All nominations must be received by February 1st. Final selections will be made in April.

    The induction ceremony will take place at the annual Sports Excellence Banquet held in June.

    Inductees will receive a plaque and a permanent plaque will be placed in the appropriate school's Hall of Fame area.