Android - Secure Login

  • Login Instructions Android

    Connect to PCSD_SECURE if you have a network (Active Directory) login and are a student, staff member or contractor. Otherwise,  please use the PCSD_GUEST login.

    Step 1: Swipe down from the top of your screen to view your Wi-Fi access button.  Hold down on the Wi-Fi broadcast symbol to open your menu.

     Home Screen drop down menu

     Step 2: Click on PCSD_SECURE in the Available Networks menu

     Select PCSD Secure network

    Step 3: Enter your Active Directory username and password, and select "Don't validate" from the CA Certificate drop down menu.  Leave "Anonymous identity" blank.  Choose "Connect" when you have completed these.

    PCSD Secure sign in procedures including select "Don't Validate" as Certificate & enter "Identity" & "Password" with AD creds Remember CA Certificate option is "Don't validate"

    Step 4: You will see PCSD_SECURE highlighted when successfully connected.  

     Evidence of connection to PCSD Secure wifi

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