Homework and Grading Policy

  • A.P Statistics 17-18

    Mr. Martellotta

    Welcome to the wonderful world of data analysis and informed decision making, it is important for us to share our expectations for the course.

    Consistent hard work is essential to your success!

    You will get a great deal out of the course if you put a lot into it. Attitude is important!

      Grading Policy:

    Your grade percentage will be calculated based on a points earned/possible points system.

    You will have the opportunity to earn points in various ways throughout the year.

    These ways include but are not limited to quizzes, tests, graded assignments, and projects.

    You can expect a unit exam at the end of every Chapter in the text.


    Expect daily homework.

    Homework is typically  graded and is important!!

    There is no fluff work in this course. Every assignment that is chosen may likely show up on a unit exam, quiz and ultimately the A.P exam in May.

    Doing your homework every night AND asking questions when needed is essential to your deep understanding of the topics.


    Adherence to deadlines is an important skill to learn and take seriously! Assignments are due when they are due! No extensions will be granted except in the case of most extenuating circumstances.