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  • Remember that I am updating my resourses every day and Please email me with any questions.

    In case you missed it...

    PLT4M has updated their Youtube site.   Daily workouts are now available.   No equipment needed.

    Stay active and double up with kindness.   Have an elderly neighbor or relative?  See if you can reconnect.    The W.H.O has changed the term SOCIAL distancing to PHYSICAL distancing.    So don't disconnect from them. 

    • Maybe you can walk their dog.
    • Take their garbage to the curb.
    • Drop groceries at their door. 
    • Visit through a window
    • Clean their lawn of sticks and branches from the wind storm we just had.

    Message for a student...


    Tips to cure your boredom...

    Are you out of TicToc ideas and gone through all of the Netflix shows? 

    • Try and stay active.  Uses the recourses made available.   Mix it up! 15 minutes inside and 15 outside.
    • When you go to bed and right when you wake up, try to stay off social media.   A good book, a little meditation.
    • Follow a passion that you may not have had the time to go to before this.    Do something expressively creative- write, music, try programming a game. 
    • I know alot of your parents are working and many are in the medical field.    Remember being alone and being in solitude can be two different things.   Stay strong and use Social Media to reach out to friends, teachers and family members.
    • Organize!  They say, clean space creates a clean mind!  Even if it's just one drawer in your desk, your shoes, or one binder.  It takes a chunk out of your day and gives you an immediate sense of satisfaction.

Classroom News

  • Beating cabin fever-

    • Write an email or letter.  Someone out there needs their day brightened.   Coach, Teacher, boss, Grandparent.
    • Take a walk with a family member. 
    • Just be with family-  We're doing family discussion days and self interest family power points.  We have all actually looked forward to these.
    • Time with your pet- I love my dogs.  They only want 1 thing. Your time.
    •    Dogs
    • Meditate- Just take time to get quiet, get alone, and breathe.
    • Watch an inspirational motive.   REMEMBER THE TITANS is my favorite.
    • Clean and organize your room.  Parents will be happy and you'll have a sense of accomplishment.
    • Journal-  Something you'll always will be able to look back on.  It may feel funny when you do it, but has been proven to have some of the best mental and emotional health benefits.
    • Listen to or Create a Podcast -  Filling yourself up with knowledge is powerful.  Creative expression adds meaning