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    The Pittsford Central School District community works collaboratively to inspire and prepare our students to be their best, do their best and make a difference in the lives of others.  


    Our department deeply values this mission and hopes it can help support your through this time. 


    In accordance with our mission and beliefs, here are the things we want you to know.


    We care about you and are here for you-  At any time you can email us and we will respond without question.    We hope you can take advantage of our resources but if they are not enough and/or you feel overwhelmed always know you can reach out.


    We want you to stay safe- Do as a responsible, caring adult would do. Do not be reckless but stay physically engaged.     Remain physically and mentally active, this will help support your overall well-being and protect you.


    Help Support our Community-  At this extraordinary time you have a chance to positively impact others.   Practicing responsible social behaviors might profoundly help someone that you may have never met.    This is your chance to be a hero and to show our community that your generation values the health and well-being of others.



    Physical Education

    Physical Education at Pittsford Mendon High School is based upon the following goals: developing and maintaining a positive attitude toward movement and sport; developing a higher level of competence in skills and knowledge of movement and sport; acquiring the knowledge to develop and maintain an optimal level of personal fitness. The Physical Education curriculum is based on a selective program, whereby students or the teacher may choose from a number of activities in order to meet the above-stated goals. 

    Physical Education is a mandated course for all students in the public schools of New York State and is a requirement for graduation from Pittsford Mendon High School. Students receive 1/2 credit per year for the successful completion of Physical Education for a total of two credits upon graduation.