• BattleSim Battles List 2018

    Battle of Marathon        490BC    (Greece v Persia)
    Battle of Granicus          334BC    (Macedon v Persia)
    Battle of Cannae            216BC    (Rome v Carthage)
    Battle of Pharsalus          48BC    (Caesar v Pompey)
    Battle of Hastings       1066AD    (Normans v Saxons)
    Battle of Arsuf             1191AD    (Crusaders v Saracens)
    Battle of Austerlitz      1805AD   (Napoleon v 3rd Coalition)
    Battle of Waterloo       1815AD   (Napoleon v Wellington)

    Battle of Antietam       1862AD   (Union v Confederacy)
    Battle of Gettysburg    1863AD   (Union v Confederacy)
    Battle of Ardennes I    1940AD   (Germany v France)
    Battle of Britain           1940AD    (RAF v Luftwaffe)
    Battle of Gazala           1942AD   (Desert Rats v Afrika Korps)
    Battle of Kursk             1943AD   (Soviet Union v Germany)
    Battle of Ardennes II  1944AD   (America v Germany)


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  • Record Book

    Semester          1st Place                    2nd Place                       3rd Place 

    Fall 2019:        J. Ellingham 14-0       S. Crooke 10.5-4.5          P. Anderson 9.5-4.5
    Fall 2018:        R. Smith 13-1               A. Murray 11-2.5               T. Krauss 10-4                 
    Fall 2017:        C. Rothberg 13-1        D. Porosoff 12.5-3.5        C. Bell 11.5-4.5
    Fall 2016:        J. Terzioglu 13-2         E. Moyer 10.5-4.5             L. Moyer 10.5-4.5
    Spring 2016:   P. Ribas 11.5-1.5        M. Chasman 11-2             S. Crain 9-4
    Fall 2015:        R. Benjamin 12-2        J. Romanick 10.5-3.5      H. Phillips 9-5
    Fall 2014:        G. Garish 11-3              N. Pelkey 10.5-3.5            M. Rodenhouse 10.5-4
    Fall 2013:        A. Burke 10-0               H. Ash 8.5-1.5                     D. Intini 7.5-2.5