College Application Process

  • Before applying to any college or handing in a Transcript Release Form, please make an appointment with the secretaries in the Counseling Office to see your counselor.   

    • Be mindful of deadlines. The counselors will need at least three business weeks of time to complete your application before the college due date.                                                                    
    • Please list all colleges to which you will intend to apply in your NAVIANCE account under “Colleges That I am Thinking About” section and review admission criteria to make sure you have (some) reach, (most) realistic and (some) safe schools.
    • Review SAT and ACT fall dates if you need to take one or both exams again.   
    • In person please ask only  two teachers for letters of recommendation. Teachers will only see the colleges to which you are applying and their deadlines once you turn in a Transcript Release Form to the Counseling Office.  See "Teacher Rec. Process" in Naviance homepage for more specifics.
    • For non-common application schools, create an online application account and begin their application.
    • For students not applying to any schools using Common Application, please go to Transcript Release Forms at bottom of page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
    • For Common Application Schools:
      • After August 1st - Create an account at ( and add your common application schools to your "My Colleges" list. 
      • Minimally, complete the "Education" section of Common Application (section is complete when a green checkmark appears next to section name.)
      • For High School Information in the "Education" section please see "hs info for comm app" under "Pages" in Naviance Home or this link: /webpages/mhscounseling/index.cfm?subpage=65651
      • Go to "Assign Recommenders" section of the "My Colleges" tab and sign the FERPA Release Authorization portion only. (We recommend that you waive your right).
      • In order to Match your Common Application and Naviance In Naviance Family Connection, go to the "Colleges" tab, then to "Colleges I am Applying to" section, use the email address you used to register with Common Application, then click "Match." 

Related Files

Transcript Release Forms

  • Complete a separate Transcript Release form for each school to which you need to send information.
    Please sign form:  We must have legal confirmation to send out your information to stated college.  Parents must sign form if student is under 18.
    Check all that apply on the release form for deadlines, how you are applying and exactly what you would like sent.  Only those categories checked will be sent.