College Visits

  • For College/University Representatives:

    During these extraordinary times, it is still unclear how our district will handle the opening of school in the fall.  For now, if you want to schedule a virtual visit, we could potentially accommodate our admissions reps via a Zoom meeting.  For now, please feel free to use RepVisits as usual to schedule a virtual visit.  This site will be updated as more detailed information is available.


    We typically align college visits with our class period schedule; periods are 40 minutes long.  Please go to RepVisits or contact Karina Anderson, College/Career Center Coordinator, at (585) 267-1617 or to schedule a visit.

    For Students:

    Close to 150 colleges and universities visit MHS each year.  Seniors and Juniors are encouraged to attend.

    • The first contact with a college/university can be very important because most of the admissions representatives will be involved in the processing and reading of MHS students' college applications.
    • Many schools consider 'demonstrated interest' when evaluating a student for admission.  Colleges want students who demonstrate that they are very interested in their school by visiting campus, arranging for an interview, if possible, and visiting with the college representative when at MHS.

    The full calendar can be found by clicking on the Events Calendar in the left column. In addition, please check Naviance for the most up to date list of college visits.

    If the college visit is during a class, students need to come to the Counseling Office at least one day in advance to get a pass, which requires teacher's permission to attend.  Passes should be signed one day in advance and not during class time.  Please be prompt.

    To see a document with a list of sample questions to ask an Admissions Representative, click here:
    Questions You Might Ask College Admissions Representatives

Daily Schedule/Periods

Period Time
1st Period 7:40 - 8:21
2nd Period 8:25 - 9:11
3rd Period 9:15 - 9:56
4th Period 10:00 - 10:41
5th Period 10:45-11:25
6th Period 11:29-12:09
7th Period 12:13-12:53
8th Period 12:57-1:37
9th Period 1:41-2:21
10th Period 2:25-3:05