College Visits

  • For College/University Representatives:

    We welcome our college admissions professionals who are back on the road and will also be happy to see virtually those reps who are still working remotely.  We look forward to seeing you one way or another!

    To schedule a visit, please go to RepVisits or contact LaShanda McCadney, MHS Counseling - College/Career Center at (585) 267-1617 or

    For Students:

    Outlined below is information about the process for students to attend College Visits, both in-person here at MHS during the school day, as well as virtually after school.  Please note, college visits are intended only for juniors and seniors.

    Where can students find a list of College Visits?

    The most current list of college visits is available in Naviance.  Students can see the full list of visits, both in-person as well as virtual, on the home page under “What’s New”.  Additionally, visits are listed under “Colleges” => “College Visits” (under “Research Colleges”) ORColleges” => College Home and scroll down to College Visits.

    College Visits can also be found on the MHS Counseling Events calendar and will be shared via the daily Morning Announcements.  Please note, however, that college reps schedule directly in Naviance, so Naviance has the most current list and it is subject to change.

    Virtual visits are scheduled for hours after the school day.  Links for the virtual visits can be found in Naviance and on the MHS Counseling Events calendar.

    A list of College Visits will also be posted on the bulletin board right outside of the Counseling office.

    Additionally in Naviance, when students add a college to their list in “Colleges I’m thinking about”, students will receive an e-mail message with a notice about any upcoming visit for that school.  Students should make certain that their Naviance account profile contains a personal e-mail address and not their Pittsford student e-mail.

    What do students need to do if they want to attend a College Visit?

    Students are required to pre-register in Naviance at least 24 hours in advance for each college visit they would like to attend.  This can be done directly in Naviance by clicking on the “Register Now” button.  Additionally, students are required to bring with them to the college visit a pass signed at least 24 hours in advance by their teacher if they will miss class.  Passes (yellow) are available in the Counseling office. If the college visit is during lunch or Junior/Senior period, a pass is not required, but pre-registration in Naviance is still required.

    Why should students attend a College Visit?

    College visits are not technically required.  The primary purpose is to have an opportunity to meet with the admissions representative that oversees the applications specifically for our high school and learn more about the college and its programs.  Additionally, some colleges track “demonstrated interest”, meaning that, attending a visit at school is one more indication, in addition to the student’s actual application, a visit to the college campus, e-mail messages, meeting with an admissions rep at a college fair, etc. of the student’s interest in that particular college.

    What if there is a college visit students want to attend, but they cannot or do not want to miss a class?

    Admissions representatives fully understand that our students are busy and also serious about their schoolwork.  They also know that it can be difficult for students to miss class or that they have tests they need to take. 

    For visits during the school day, students can let Mrs.McCadney in Counseling know that they would like to, but are unable to attend.  Students can send Mrs. McCadney an e-mail ( with detailed information or stop by in person to the Counseling office.  The student’s information will be shared with the rep and any materials, including an information card students can complete and return, can be collected for the student.  For missed virtual visits, students should feel free to e-mail the admissions rep directly.  The contact information can be found on each school’s individual website.

    To see a document with a list of sample questions to ask an Admissions Representative, click here:
    College Visits - Sample Questions for Admissions Reps