• The CEEB (College Entrance Exam Board) code for Mendon High School is 334529.  

    You will need to provide this number so that the testing company can send your test scores to us.


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    How to Assess Tutors and Test Prep Providers

    TestBright is a resource that empowers parents and school counselors to best support and encourage all high school students with expert navigation through the forever changing obstacle course of college admission testing. One of the most intimidating aspects of the College Search Process/Preparation is when to take and how to prepare for the tests that are still used in the majority of college admissions.  In addition to the MHS School Counselors providing information to you, the TestBright website offers free expert information that will assist you in developing a plan for your student.

    Test Alternatives:
    For some colleges, standardized tests do not serve as a great predictor for success at their institution.  Consequently, there are colleges and universities that are "Test Optional" or "Test Flexible" in their admissions process.  Please see the Fair Test website for an updated listing of these colleges:
    Fair Test