Student Withdrawal Procedures

Withdrawing a Student

  • If you are moving outside of the Pittsford School District, you must formally withdraw your student.  Students need to return all materials and receive confirmation from each of their teachers.  Please fill out and return the forms shown below. You may send these via mail or fax (585) 385-2369

Withdrawal Files

Student Information Changes

Address Changes

  • All address changes need to be communicated to the PCSD Central Registrar, Patricia Kearns. 

    Patricia Kearns, PCSD Central Registrar
    Fax: 585.267.1069

    Proof of residency at your new address is required for continued attendance. 
    Any of the following may serve as proof of residency:

    • Tax Bill
    • Mortgage
    • Deed
    • Lease
    • Purchase Offer

    If you have moved within the Pittsford School District but outside the Mendon High attendance area, see the attached district policy for residence and transfer requests. 

E-Mail Changes

  • E-mail is a crucial communication tool for Infinite Campus and morning announcements.  If your e-mail address has changed, please fill out and return the form below