Policies and Procedures

  • Physical Education Expectations

    1. All students are expected to be on time to class. When the bell stops ringing, all students are expected to be in the locker room.

    2. All students are expected to be prepared for class.

    Gym or Outdoors
           Sneakers/cleats-laced and properly tied
           Shorts/sweat pants
           No clothes that are worn to school; no hats
           No hanging jewelry

    Swimming Pool
           Appropriate bathing suits are required. No cut off shorts. 

    3. All students are expected to check in with their Physical Education  teacher dressed for class 5 minutes after the bell.

    4. All students are expected to participate for the entire class period.

    5. Upon dismissal from the activity, all students are expected to return all equipment and return to the locker room to change.

    Graduation Requirements
    All students will have four years to obtain two full credits of Physical Education, which is required for graduation.  Each student may receive a ¼ credit per semester.

    Class Attendance
    Unexcused absences and tardiness: Please refer to Mendon/Sutherland High Schools Student Handbooks.
    All students will be issued a Physical Education lock, which is to be placed on a small locker in the appropriate locker room
    A $5 fee will be charged to replace a lost lock.
    Student property should be locked in lockers during class. Objects too big (i.e. book bags) or of great value should be checked into the girl’s/boy’s Physical Education offices.
    Students are encouraged not to bring valuables or large amounts of money to class.
    Students are not to share lockers or lock combos for security reasons.
    Students will dress in appropriate physical education attire.
    Students will not bring food/drinks/gum into the locker room and the gym areas.
    Students not wearing safety glasses will be required to use glass guards or glass bands or remove glasses in Physical Education areas.
    All classes will begin with an appropriate series of warm-ups exercises.
    Students will not leave the Physical Education area without the teacher’s permission.
    Students will immediately report all injuries to the Physical Education teacher in charge.
    Fire Drill Procedure
    In the event of a fire drill, students will immediately evacuate the building using the nearest door available and report to the designated area where they will meet with their attendance teacher.