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Injury Reports

As a coach you, or your designated assistant are responsible for completing an Athletic Injury form as soon as possible after the injury occurs. To facilitate this process, please note there are 4 Injury Reporting links - one for each of the secondary schools. Select the form that is appropriate for your team. The links lead you to a  fillable form, which upon completion and submission will be directed to the appropriate school nurse, the trainer assigned to your building and the respective building athletic coordinator.

To ensure for the appropriate care of an inured student-athlete during their sports season, communication between the coach, school nurse, parent and family physician is essential. The following procedures are established to facilitate that communication when a student-athlete is injured during a district athletic practice or competition.

If the injury is such that the student athlete is seen by the family physician or is taken to the hospital, it is the responsibility of the:

  1. Coach or his/her designated assistant to
    1. Notify the athletic director, by phone, if student was taken to the hospital.
    2. Notify the school nurse by completing a "Report of Injury Form" and submitting it to the school nurse by the next school day.
    3. Inform the parent of injury clearance procedures by completing an Athlete/Parent Injury Information Form and giving it to parent or student-athlete.
    4. Maintain documentation of student athlete injuries.
    5. Permit student-athlete to participate only after receiving clearance from the school nurse.

  1. School Nurse to
    1. Notify the athletic office by sending a copy of the "Report of Injury" form completed by the coach or assistant.
    2. Notify the student-athlete's PE teacher.
    3. Contact student and/or parent, if necessary, to explain injury clearance procedures or safe ambulatory issues while in school.
    4. Upon note from a medical provider, notify the coach and physical education teacher of their clearance status.
    5. Document injury and clearance on student's health record.