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The District undergoes various audits each year to ensure adherence to Education Law, Local Law and Board of Education policies. These audits include:

Audit Oversight Committee:
The District has an Audit Committee comprised of three Board of Education members. This committee performs ongoing audits.

Internal Claims Auditor:
The Internal Claims Auditor examines and verifies all invoices and payments to vendors daily, for each accounts payable payment schedule.

Independent External Audit:
The External Audit is performed annually by the accounting firm of Raymond Wager, CPA, P.C. a division of Mengel, Metzger and Barr & Co. LLP. The external audit verifies that goods and services are procured in a manner as to assure the prudent and economical use of public moneys in the best interest of the taxpayers. It also ensures that a sound internal control structure is in place and internal controls are appropriately designed and operating effectively. Finally, the external audit checks that school district assets are safeguarded against loss, waste and abuse.

Internal Audit:
The quarterly and annual Internal Audits are performed by the accounting firm of Hungerford-Vinton LLC.

New York State Audit:
The New York State Office of the Comptroller audited the District in 2007/2008 and again in 2015/2016, an additional audit requirement enacted by the New York State Comptroller's Five Point Plan. These audits are performed at each NYS school district every five years to ensure that programs achieve their established goals, funds are used efficiently, and assets are adequately protected against fraud, waste and abuse.  To view the Comptroller's audit, click on the link below.

New York State Budget Transparency Report

Audits of Local Governments and School Districts