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Efficiencies through Partnerships

Health Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Consortia:
Saves significant money by pooling resources with other local school districts.  It was created to minimize the increasing costs of healthcare. Each employee association signed on to this change and accepted modified plans without concessions.

Energy Performance Contract(EPC):
The EPC program instituted around the district provided lower energy cost per square foot despite increases in facilities.

 New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal(NYSIR):
Shared services among school districts saves money on insurance and risk management needs through this not-for-profit insurance company owned by NYS public schools.

Pittsford municipality partnership:
The Pittsford Town, Village and School District continue to work together on many programs that save tax payer dollars and enhance the quality of life in our community, including a grant to implement a town-wide geographic information system (GIS), which will run over a shared fiber network. 

Cooperative agreements:
Partner with other school districts in order to reduce the cost of copiers, computers, staff training, data management, special education services, science materials and much more.

Cooperative Purchasing through BOCES