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Multi-Factor Authentication for WinCap Web

Harris School Solutions,the developer of WinCap, has deployed multi-factor authenitication to all school districts that use WinCap Web for employee self-service.

Here's how it will work: When you log into your WinCap Web account an email will be generated to your District email address with a 6-digit code. You will then have to enter that code to access your WinCap Web account. You have the option to Select “Remember Me” to authenticate every 90 days if you use the same device. 

Please see the instructional sheet below to assist you with logging in to WinCap Web.  If you need help with your account, please enter a Helpdesk ticket account and someone will reach out to you.

Helpdesk for Staff

WinCap WEB MFA Instructions

WinCap Web ESS (Employee Self Service)

What is WinCap Web?
WinCap Web is an electronic suite of tools that allow you to view your payroll and attendance information.

What do I need to use WinCap Web?
You need a computer/iPad/smartphone and the internet to login and use WinCapWeb.  The system is available 24/7 wherever you can connect to the internet.

How do I login for the first time?
The very first time you login, you will need to create an account using the link in the email invitation from WinCap Web.  This link will be used only once, when you create your login, and then you will not use this link again. This link is specific to YOUR login and cannot be forwarded to others who have not yet received their email invitation.

When creating your account, you will follow the on-screen instructions until you are “approved”.

Future logins are available at the following URL:
This link is accessible through the For Staff section on the district website.  /Domain/1036

What can I do in WinCap Web?

  • View pay and attendance information
  • Paystub/direct deposit advice can be viewed and printed in detail in the format of your printed paystub
  • Prior year pay and attendance information is available by changing the selection dates and year
  • The system shows the date of the last absence entered so you can tell if recent absences are included in the balance.
  • All W-2s and 1095-Cs you have received from the District may be viewed and printed.
  • You can elect to receive your W-2 and 1095-C each January through Wincap WEB and no longer receive a paper copy mailed to you.
  • The Employee Deductions section shows you your current NYS IT-2014 and W4 status and allows you to initiate change requests.

Note: When attempting to see the current pay, be sure your selection dates include the current pay date.Timesheets and Requisitions are not used at PCSD at this time.

Will I still get my printed direct deposit advice?
You are strongly encouraged to complete your WinCap Web registration on receipt of an invite. Printed copies of your direct deposits will continue to be available for 2-3 paychecks after your start date.
After that date you will not receive a copy of your direct deposit.

What if I have questions about my pay?

Call or email the Payroll Office at 267-1042,

What if I have problems logging in?
Call or email WinCap Web support at 267-1089, hours 8 AM to 4:30 pm weekdays.