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Budget Guidelines 2012-2013

Budget Guidelines 2012-2013

2012-2013 Budget Guidelines


IMPORTANT – Due to the importance of each guideline, the following bullets are NOT listed in a specific prioritized order.

v Develop a STUDENT BASED BUDGET focused on excellence in student learning and achievement for today and into the future.

v Support implementation of the District’s Comprehensive Action Plan addressing:

-        Rigorous 21st century curriculum, Common Core Standards and associated assessments

-        Data informed practices including collaborative inquiry, evidence-based supervision/evaluation and responsive instruction/intervention

v Support the implementation of new future-focused strategic initiatives (2012-2017) that:

-        Maintain excellence for students, staff and the District

-        Provide for student and staff needs in the second decade of the 21st century

v Meet legal mandates and contractual obligations

v Provide for fiscal stability into the future:

-        Maintain financially prudent and sustainable reserve accounts

-        Protect the community’s investment in facilities and infrastructure

v Manage the impact of investment in education with sensitivity to limited community resources:

-        Seek opportunities to maximize current revenue and develop new revenue sources

-        To the degree possible, reduce expenses in areas most removed from direct student contact

-        Seek cost efficiencies to further address the costly impact of unfunded mandates

-        Balance community expectations for services and programs, while being cognizant of changes in property values, income levels, and economic uncertainties

-        Manage impact of revenue reductions and tax levy cap enactment



11/10/11                                                                     Adopted by Board of Education on 12-12-11