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Absentee Ballot - First Vote

Absentee Ballot - First Vote

Requesting an Absentee Ballot for May 16, 2017 Vote

The absentee ballot process is a multiple step procedure that begins with a call to the school district clerk to request an application. Applications for absentee ballots may be requested by contacting Pittsford’s School District Clerk Veronica Walker at 267-1005 or

Once you have received your application from the school district clerk, the technical process outlined below must be followed. Due to the detailed steps and deadlines involved, we encourage you to work with the school district clerk if you are uncertain or have questions about next steps.




Absentee Ballot Process for the May 16, 2017

Budget Vote and Board of Education Election


Applications for absentee ballots are due no later than May 9 if the ballot is being mailed to the voter or no later than May 15 if the ballot is being picked up.

Emphasis: The last day for mailing a ballot to the voter is May 9. This allows for turnaround time for mailing back the ballot.

Requests can be made in writing for both the application and ballot if turnaround time is not doable for the deadlines of May 15 for the application and May 16 (5:00 p.m.) for the ballot. The deadline for these combined requests is May 15.

The preference is to have all ballots in by May 15, however they can be accepted up until 5:00 p.m. on the day of the vote.

Emphasis: The last day for accepting applications is May 15 as long as the voter is picking up the ballot or is a combined request (as noted above).

Voters may also fill out an application and ballot in person by May 15.

Any questions, please call 267-1005.