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Branding is a collection of experiences as perceived by our students, parents, staff and community. At Pittsford Schools, our brand is a promise of excellence. Our look and our voice tell our story in an easily recognizable way that is professional, welcoming, and student-centered.

Color is a critical element in creating a memorable and lasting brand. The official colors of the District are Pittsford blue, maroon and gold.

View the PCSD Branding Quick Reference Guide for more information.

Pittsford Schools Colors

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Downloadable Photos for Presentations and Publications

Band concert
Band concert
Rainbow Classic 2019_Fans
Rainbow Classic 2019_GirlsGame
Rainbow Classic 2019_GirlsGame2
Rainbow Classic 2019_Mendon Madness Fans
SHS Girls Tennis Sect. V Champs 2019
Rainbow Classic 2019_Sutherland Superfans
SHS Girls XC Section V Champs 2019_1st win in SHS history
Mendon Baseball Seniors 2018
Mendon Field Hockey 2018.19
Mendon Field Hockey_2019_20
2018 Homcoming Game
MendonSutherlandSoccerGame 2018
MHS Boys XC Champs 2019
MHS Field Hockey_2019_20
MHS XC 2019 Team_DeJoy Cup Fastest Program in Monroe County 2nd yr in row
MHS_SHS Softball 2018_19
MHS_SHS Baseball game 2018
PinktheRink 2019_20
Pittsford Boys Lacrosse 2018_19
PinktheRink2019_National Anthem
Pittsford Cheer_2018 TeddiBowl
Pittsford Football 2019
Pittsford Football 2017
Pittsford Homecoming 2019
PittsfordGymnastics 2019_20 States Team
PittsfordGymnastics 2019_20
Pittsford Football_2018 Teddi Bowl
Rainbow Classic 2019_BoysGame
Rainbow Classic 2019_BoysGame2
Five elementary students sitting on the floor in a circle playing a card game
Ten elementary students smiling while posing on a playground
Middle school boys in blank pants, white dress shirts, and yellow vest with middle school girls in maroon dresses on risers on a stage while singing.
Three smiling elementary students on playground with the letters A, C, E in front of them.
Elementary school boys plan on a seesaw on the playground
Students study with books at tables in the Library.
Group of students pose with a mascot in a knights costume.
Two boys pose with a colorful art project
Group of students walking pass parked school buses.
Two students smile as they climb up a rope ladder in gym class.
Two girls sit at a desk working on coloring an art project.
Young male student sits cross-legged on while reading a book.
Three young female students smile pose for camera
Male and female students smile and pose for camera
Male and female students in maroon graduation robes smile at camera while male students holds up diploma.
Group of six students pose for camera while holding various wind and string instruments on a stage.
Classroom of high school students sit at their desks in a classroom and smile for the camera.
Two young female students in matching outfits smile at camera while holding matching lunchboxes.
Group of young male students sitting on floor of gym, laughing.
Four young male students sit at table working on art projects, smile for the camera.
Four young female students exiting school bus with backpacks.