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The mission of Mathematics education in Pittsford Central School District is to develop mathematically literate students who have conceptual understanding and procedural fluency that promote their ability to:

  • problem solve
  • communicate the process of thinking and reasoning mathematically
  • make ethical, well informed decisions based on their mathematical insight                                     

As a result of participating in the PCSD Mathematics program, students will be able to independently …

  • take risks and persevere in solving problems using strategic thinking and communicate solutions with appropriate precision and efficiency.
  • use mathematical reasoning to construct viable arguments, evaluate multiple representations, reflect on the process, and critique the reasoning of others.
  • employ appropriate tools and a variety of mathematical strategies to analyze and model relationships in order to make decisions, draw conclusions, learn from mistakes, and anticipate future challenges.

Click to go to the PCSD Mission Statement page for full mission statements for all curricular areas.