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Instructional Leadership

Decisions about curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development at PCSD are made thoughtfully through collaborative processes that include leadership from each building, discipline, and academic level. Members on instructional leadership committees connect with constituent groups to facilitate feedback, the flow of ideas, and good communication.  The goal of our instructional leadership team is to ensure that all students experience a high quality, rigorous curricular program delivered through developmentally appropriate, engaging instruction by teachers who are well supported in understanding and meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of their students. 


The mission of our curriculum is to engage all learners in authentic, rigorous learning experiences so that upon graduation students will be able to independently use their learning to achieve their goals and become contributing members of a global society.

As a result of participating in the PCSD instructional program, students will be able to
independently ...

  • solve personally relevant as well as globally meaningful problems by identifying, exploring, and evaluating processes and solutions while considering diverse perspectives;
  • think creatively, construct knowledge, and develop innovative ideas, processes, and products;
  • select appropriate tools to find, navigate, and evaluate information to make informed decisions;
  • communicate and collaborate effectively with diverse audiences using a variety of techniques, literacies, and languages;
  • assume responsibility to continuously learn, reflect, and adapt to change;
  • act respectfully, responsibly, and ethically in all contexts.