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Partnership2gether Program - Pittsford-Modi'in Education Bridge

The Pittsford Central School District is pleased to be part of the Education Bridge, a project of the Jewish Federation’s Partnership2gether Program whose primary focus is to develop and maintain people to people connections between Rochester and Modi’in. The Education Bridge program occurs within the framework of the education system, where participants work together to develop common goals, work plans and joint activities for their institutions, and form personal connections, which hopefully continue beyond the scope of the project.

In an effort to bring awareness of and teach about the 21st century concepts of being part of a global community as well as being a citizen of the world; select principals, administrators, and teachers, from the Pittsford Central School Districts and from the Education Ministry in Modi’in, Israel, develop and maintain a people-to-people connection through on-going relationship building processes within the context of education.

Educators work collaboratively to develop common goals, work plans and joint activities for the purpose of creatively teaching about each other’s culture, history and society. The foundation of all learning associated with these partnerships is rooted in the relationships between educators, students and families, making these projects tangible and real.

Through the collaborative learning process, this program works to build bridges between individuals who represent two different nations, creating cultural understanding. It is the hope that through this process, participants will question ingrained assumptions and develop increased understanding of one another, hopefully providing a template for how to embrace difference in the future.

In addition to participating in the Educators exchange each year since 2016, Pittsford is pleased to be able to host high school students from Modi’in, Israel when they visit the Rochester area each year. If you are interested in serving as a host family for one of these students, please click on the links, below.