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Important Notice Regarding School Lunch Balances

Please note that any balance left in your student's lunch account will automatically carry over into the new school year!

School Lunch Program at Pittsford Schools

Eating right starts at an early age and good nutrition plays an important part in students becoming healthy adults. The Pittsford School Lunch Program is dedicated to providing all students with the opportunity to participate in a well balanced /nutritionally sound lunch each school day. The Pittsford Central School District Food Service Department along with the Board of Education made the decision at the end of the 2013 school year to leave the National School Lunch Program.  This decision was made after receiving feedback from students, faculty and parents.

As a district, we continue to strive to meet nutrition standards for our students.  The majority of our bread and grain products are whole wheat or whole grain; we serve only fat-free white or chocolate milk and whenever possible, we purchase local fruits and vegetables.

The Food Service Department is now and has been self-supporting, which means we do not receive tax dollars from you to run our program.  Everything needed to run our department comes from the funds received through lunch and ala carte sales.  Since we are no longer part of the National School Lunch Program, we do not receive subsidies from the state or federal government. With that in mind, we work very hard to control our costs and keep lunch prices at a reasonable level.

School meals are a great value and convenience for busy families.  This school year, 2023-2024, lunch prices will be $4.00 for elementary and $4.25 for secondary schools.  You can login to to manage your student's lunch account.  In order to minimize the handling of cash and maximize social distancing to speed service through the serving lines, we will be implementing one way transactions.  All money handled at the cashier will go directly on the student accounts.  NO CHANGE will be given at the point-of-sale.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a great opportunity, Pittsford Food Service is hiring for full-time, part-time and per diem positions.  We offer great benefits, flexible schedules and convenient hours while the kids are at school. There are no nights and weekends, no summers and paid holidays.

If you have any questions concerning the school lunch program or are interested in job opportunities in food service, please contact us.

Elena Montgomery, Director of Food Services
Pittsford Central Schools District
100 Mendon Center Road
Phone: 585-267-1096
Fax:     585-381-3304