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Badges Maintenance

Problems with your ID Badge?

Call 267-2003 or email for any badge questions.

It is not necessary to bring your ID in for door access changes; changes can be made remotely. Replacement badges are issued for lost, stolen or damaged badges as well as name changes or title changes. If your ID holder is in disrepair, you may request a replacement. A limited quantity of plastic ID sleeves and lanyards is available from your school secretary.

Using your ID Badge at the Copier

If you have a new ID badge, you will need to "associate" it at the multi-function copier. This links your ID with your network/computer login so that you don't have to login at the copier to use it each time. 

Steps to Associate ID Badge at the Copier.

  1. "Swipe" your card at the copier.
  2. Wait for the green screen to appear.
  3. Touch the screen to enter User ID, then login using your network login (last name, space, first name, and your password for the computer).
  4. After successfully logging in, look for a button on the screen called "Associate Card".
  5. Press "Associate Card".

When you swipe your card after associating it in the system, you will see your name on the copier screen and no longer need to login.  

Care for your ID

To prolong the life of your PCSD ID badge:

  • Do not bend
  • Do not cut holes in the plastic card
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight in your car