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Religion in the Schools

Pittsford Schools supports an understanding of and appreciation for the diversity of religions and their customs in our community and provides a respectful and safe environment for all.

Furthermore, the District believes that an education is incomplete without knowledge of diverse religions, beliefs, and spiritual practices. Educating about the impact of religions, religious practices, and beliefs is appropriate when it fosters mutual understanding, respect for, and sensitivity to the values and beliefs of others. The curriculum includes the study of religions and the impact of religious beliefs and practices in literature, history, music, and the arts. Students are instructed in a climate in which ideas can be discussed in an objective way for their educational value, with an emphasis on their impact on history, literature, art, music, science, ethics, and social institutions. The District requires that the school environment be honest, respectful, caring and safe, and that diversity be recognized, accepted, and promoted through inclusive practices.

For more information about the policies of the Pittsford Schools related to information about religion in the schools please see the links to the right.