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EPC - Energy Performance Contract

Pittsford School District contracted for an Energy Performance Contract that enabled the installation of many energy saving features across the district facilities.  The evaluation revealed and provided for:

  • Replacement windows in all buildings excluding the new additions to buildings and the Administration building
  • Pool covers on all school building pools
  • Variable speed drives on major equipment which reduce energy costs by controlling the speed of machinery
  • Siemens DDC system controls for adjusting heating and ventilation, lights and pool chemicals
  • Replacement HVAC in all classrooms at Allen Creek, Park Road and Thornell Road
  • Replacement of old school lights with new lights having turnoff sensors
  • Use of high efficiency light bulbs
  • Replacement of most exterior doors at all buildings
  • Summer boilers at the high schools which reduce amount of water heated when not needed
  • Insulated boiler room piping at all schools