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Calkins Road Middle School

The Calkins Road Middle School environmental actions include:

  • Environmental club collects and sorts CRMS paper and plastic every Thursday
  • Yellow and Purple teams make green energy books based on research into renewable energy resources
  • Orange team has monthly environmental themes - students discuss ways to be more environmentally friendly
  • Yellow team created decorative recycling boxes out of old copy paper boxes and distributed them to the entire school
  • All students recycle and donate gently used school supplies to needy kids in the city of Rochester
  • Maroon team planted a new garden on the north side of the school
  • Eighth graders do a research project on the topic of renewable energy.  Individual students select a renewable energy technology and share what they’ve learned with their classmates
  • Weekly announcements providing students with tips on being environmentally responsible are provided on the Morning Show
  • Paper that has only been printed on only one side will not be discarded after use , but rather have its blank side available for additional purposes and copies.  
  • Plastic recycling facilities do not accept or recycle plastic bottle caps.  The CRMS eighth grade Yellow Team has partnered with Aveda to recycle CRMS plastic bottle caps.  Since September the Yellow team has managed to recycle forty gallons of plastic bottle caps
  • The Art department has instituted electronic hand-in folders for the units that involve Photoshop and Illustrator.  Instead of printing the projects for grading, students “hand them in” to a electronic folder.  Also, recycled materials and “scraps” left over from previous projects are utilized in student art projects.