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Mendon High School

Mendon High School environmental actions:

  • MHS Environmental club has taken an active role in promoting student and staff use of various recycling opportunities that exist in our school
  • End of school locker cleanout produced a record amount of unwanted but still usable school supplies (binders, pens, pencils, etc) which were then delivered to Green Seed, a local organization who distributes to Rochester City School students.
  • Mendon High 11th and 12th graders sampled water from Seneca Lake, Mendon Ponds and powder Mill Park to assess water quality
  • Donation of unclaimed clothing to Volunteers of America (after efforts to find owners)

General reduction in use of paper:

  • Put codes back on copiers to reduce unauthorized use of our machines.
  • Teachers becoming more engaged in use of various computer technologies for the purpose of communication, assignment distribution, and collection of student work. Examples include:  
    • TurnItIn (Our English teachers rarely collect printed written work anymore. Use in other disciplines has now begun as well.)
    • Teacher Website Use
    • Use of Infinite Campus Messenger functionality or other methods to do group emailing/communication
    • Use of Quia online service for testing and practice in World Languages
    • Use of Castle Learning for online practice/homework in Core Areas
    • Increasing practice of using visuals in class and then posting them on the website.
    • Counseling Office doing the majority of college application work as a paperless online process, including most teacher recommendations. We currently process approximately 1500 applications annually. At an average of 10 pieces of paper per application, this is an important area of reduced paper use.
    • SharePoint and Moodle online software used for paperless student collaboration and project work.
    • Use of Parent/Student portal for access to grades has eliminated previous periodic printing of grade sheets.
    • Where sufficient classroom computers are available, notes and outlines are being provided online. Students take lecture notes and save them electronically.
  • Recycling of tri-fold boards used in student projects.
  • Various other individual teacher efforts to reduce unnecessary coping, printing, and other paper use.
  • Use of 2-sided printing as default on many printers, such as the printer used by students in the library.
  • Re-use of paper that has already been used to print on just one side.
  • Use of individual whiteboards in classrooms
  • Use of display whiteboards to advertise club events/activities.
  • Use of laminated materials in instruction, thus allowing reuse.

MHS Environmental Club Activity:

  • Active promotion of the recycling options offered in the school.
  • Collection of slightly used school supplies that are then recycled in RCSD.
  • Display on Earth Day using recycled products and highlighting commercial sources of products that are made from recycled materials.
  • Promotion of student engagement in “Earth Hour”, which is an event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund. Focus is on turning off non-essential electricity for one hour.
  • Providing recommendations to school and custodial leadership that has helped to improve student and staff access to recycling.
  • Active collection of printer cartridges and recycling them.