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Park Road Elementary

Going Green at Park Road means:

  • Recycling paper, milk cups and glue sticks
  • Beginning a new initiative to recycle cans and bottles and donating the proceeds to a worthy cause, possibly including the community in this project
  • Green Team met with art teacher, Beth Hills and learned about logos.  Members designed a logo for the club
  • Made bows for gift packages with instructor, Jen Bove, using used magazines cut into strips
  • Field trip to Monroe County Recycling Center with a 90 minute educational lecture and tour by Tina Stevens.
  • Green Team members assisted at the Park Road Creativity Fair – a family evening event.
  • Green Team members have classroom assignments for twice weekly recycling throughout the building.
  • Green Team members made plastic chain pulls out of #6 plastic.
  • Harley School Green Team advisor and several students presented what their school does for  “going green” during a lunch meeting.
  • Proposed a waste-free lunch/snack program for Park Road School using reusable food containers, drink containers, napkins and utensils.
  • Green Team members watched a video on “Upcycling” by the TerraCycle Company.
  • Student representatives from the Green Team are assigned to specific classrooms to transport recycled materials to the appropriate place, such as the drop box on the back of the stage for paper. They set up a schedule with the teacher/class for pick-up two times a week. Sometimes we use those same students and student council reps to be the communicators from committee/team meetings back to students in classrooms.