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Special Education Programs and Services

Mission Statement

The mission of the Special Education Department is to support diverse learners and to foster an inclusive culture within our schools and community.  Through a network of supports, students with disabilities are empowered to identify, pursue, and fulfill their personal aspirations as they participate in our global society.

Transfer Goals

As a result of participating in the PCSD Special Education Program, the student will, with increasing independence, be able to:

  • recognize and embrace their own personal assets and challenges;
  • communicate effectively;
  • navigate the complexities of social interactions;
  • Identify and access resources and supports in the community;
  • persevere through obstacles in order to achieve goals;
  • generate and implement multiple solutions to life’s challenges;
  • apply learned strategies, academic knowledge and skills across multiple settings.

Please note that available programs are subject to change based on student enrollment and need.

PCSD Special Education Plan

District-Based Program Descriptions